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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Celebrating FaithFully — September 13, the Indy Festival of Faiths

In 2020, the Indy Festival of Faiths is going virtual. September 13th will mark the first time the Festival has been held online. This year's theme is Celebrating Faithfully. We promise: it will be awesome!

Wesley Stevens — Meet n Interfaith Enrichment Corps member

Wesley is serving at UNITE INDY; working with churches and ministries to develop capacity and new connections.

May 20 — A virtual discussion of Sabbath and sacred rest

How do we do “Sabbath?” And what is “Sabbath” anyway? Sabbath is sacred intentional time we take for rest and returning to our core. During this session, we will talk more about what Sabbath means, why we need it, and provide tools to build your own Sabbath!

A message from Central Indiana’s religious leaders

The Carmel Interfaith Alliance drafted this pastoral letter regarding the COVID-19 lockdown, and invited toher relgious leaders to sign it. CIC's board was well-represented among the signatories.

IEC member Elsa Kunz on how she is supported by service and faith

We’ve asked members of the Interfaith Enrichment Corps how they are serving remotely during the lockdown. Some share the spiritual resources on which they are drawing. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the

IEC member Maryam Sobhani reflects on the crisis

We've asked members of the Interfaith Enrichment Corps how they are serving remotely during the lockdown. Some share the spiritual resources on which they are drawing.

How IEC member Sophia Spencer is spending her quarantine

One of the many, many casualties of the current public health crisis is the Interfaith Service Corps, the AmeriCorps program CIC ruuns. Members continue to serve their hosts, albeit remotely.

May 8 — Join an online Death Cafe

“Death Cafés are a “social franchise” where we gather to eat cake, drink tea, and “civilly” discuss death.” CIC and the Indiana Pagan Community and Outreach Dialogue ask you to join us in thought-provoking discussions about the topic of death.

Applications Are Now Open for the 2020-21 Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts Seminar

Be part of a cohort of artists, religious leaders, religious communities, humanities experts, and a broad range of publics from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives for sustained study, analysis, and discussion of religious texts in a classroom environment.

Rabbi Sandy Sasso — Words of Hope & Peace

In these difficult days, the Center for Interfaith Cooperation turns to our Interfaith Ambassadors for inspiration. Rabbi Sandy Sasso shares a Jewish legend of Adam and Eve first experiencing the darkness.

This is CIC — video

Thanks to Ray Mills Media for producing this video first shown at the 6th Annual Interfaith Banquet, March 8, 2020.

Thank you to the Lilly Endowment’s Summer Youth Program Fund

Summer Youth Camp will be different than previous camps. Our goal is to "make the new better."

Stay healthy, sane, & connected with Indy Community Yoga

CIC board member Tony Wiederhold (aka Indy Community Yoga) has upped his game by going virtual. If you haven't connected with Tony, yet, here are some great opportunities.

CIC Administrative Assistant Job Description

We're looking for new members of the CIC family. If this job piques your interest and inspires your passions, you should also answer this question: “What experience or qualities do you have that uniquely qualify you for this position?”

Gurinder Singh: Free Face Masks for those risking their health for us all

This message comes from good friend of CIC, Gurinder Singh.

National Service Recognition Day 2020 Goes Virtual

Over the past several weeks, we have seen the best of the American people – from doctors and nurses working tirelessly to help our neighbors recover from COVID-19 to individuals staying home to help slow the spread.