Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

“Rohingya Refugee Megacamp: Need as far as the eye can see”

A report from jewish World Watch on OBAT Helpers and the work they are doing with Rohingya refugees

Interfaith Starter Grant

The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) wants to help new graduates with small grants to turn their interfaith dreams into realities

2019 Habitat Interfaith Build

Joel Reichenbach of Habitat invites people of all traditions and beliefs to join together to build homes for two families.

Annual Ramadan Feed The Hungry 2019

This Wednesday is the final Ramadan Feed the Hungry of 2019. Let's join in this opportunity to serve the community.

“Police-oriented Bible now available for IMPD officers”

“Someone who is in critical condition, all they need is someone to be next to them and fortunately we all pray to the same God,” said the imam. “If I am here for an officer who is in need and I have to pray for him, I would pray to the creator that the officer himself who believe in.”

CIC board member Jim Cotterill and Unite Indy

The mission of Unite Indy is to connect hearts, minds and hands to meet needs in our community. The organization also aims to build bridges of understanding and make connections between those who can help and those need help.

Kristin Wright with OBAT Helpers in Bangladesh

Human rights and religious freedom advocate Kristin Wright reports from OBAT Helpers' projects in the Urdu-speakers camp in Bangladesh

Opportunities to practice compassion during Ramadan

Compassion has a special meaning for Muslims during Ramadan, when the blessings for generous action are doubled. They would welcome non-Muslims to join a service project ... or look at what the Muslim Alliance of Indiana suggests.

Action Corps at the OBAT Iftar for the Rohingya

One of the main causes of Action Corps, a grassroots advocacy group against social injustice, is the Rohingya refugees stranded in Bangladesh.

Feed the homeless with Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion

The Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion continues to up its game, moving from the pancake house into the community.

Ramadan, iftars, and OBAT Helpers

Good friend of CIC Saima Hassan explains the significance of compassion and Ramadan, and invites all of to join OBAT Helpers' iftars.

Thrive Weekend of Faith for Mental Health

Thrive Weekend of Faith has grown into a nation-wide initiative. The theme is mental health. Learn how your congregation can participate the weekend Thursday May 16 to Sunday May 19.

David Craig — Health, Wellness, and Engaged Congregations

This invitation comes from CIC's good friend, Prof. David Craig of IUPUI.

Four reasons to attend the interfaith iftar for humanity

May 25th — If you attend one community iftar this Ramadan, this should be it.

Peace basketball and other ways the Interfaith Enrichment Corps serves the community

AmeriCorps member Claire Holba reports on some activities while serving at the Dwelling Place

Interfaith thoughts, prayers, and images from the memorial for Sri Lanka

April 25th -- Ten speakers from at least seven religious traditions sought personal and spiritual connections in the wake of a mass murder intended to divide us.