Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Do your holiday shopping with Maria

December 9th — Maria Pimentel-Gannon's goal in life is to live life simply, purposefully, and intentionally, hoping to make a positive difference in the life of anyone reading her books.

CIC’s Youth Summer Camp has started!

Do you worry that your children will spend the summer isolated from the world outside of Indiana? CIC's Youth Summer Camp could be the solution to your anxieties.

IRSC presents Immigrant Heritage Showcase

June 30th — an opportunity to share your family’s heritage story. Bring photos, items, and food that showcase your family's immigrant heritage.

Hate Speech and the First Amendment: Values in Conflict

June 19th — At what point, if at all, should so-called "hate speech" become illegal? Hear Center for Interfaith Cooperation Founding Board Chair Don Knebel discuss hate speech and the First Amendment.

Outspoken and Out Open: A Night of Spoken Words and Poetry

April 19th — Spoken word is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating ideas and viewpoints you may be unfamiliar with.

“It’s All in Your Mind” — Buddhism and Jainism

April 19th — History, beliefs and practices of Buddhism and Jainism. The second in the series of Sunday morning classes taught by Don Knebel.

“Round and Round We Go” — Hinduism

April 12th — History, beliefs and practices of Hinduism. The first in the series "Images of the Divine," Sunday morning classes taught by CIC founding board member Don Knebel.

Creatively embracing difference

The Interfaith Banquet illustrated the challenges and opportunities that come from embracing our differences. It showed the creative energy and the power to better our communities that our diversity can generate.