Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Festival of Faiths on TV!

WISH-TV was in the sun at the Festival of Faiths. See what happened.

Pray for Peace at CTS table at Festival of Faiths Sunday

Carol Johnston and CTS offer a very good reason to go to the Festival of Faiths ... and bring your child's hand.

Festival of Faiths to Celebrate Indy’s Global Interfaith Diversity

You might not be able to travel the world like Jane Gelhausen, but she suggests how you can experience the next best thing.

The 2nd Annual Festival of Faiths: Building a Vibrant Interfaith Community

CIC board chair Don Knebel explains why you really should attend the Festival of Faiths September 7th.

Huffington Post: “Indianapolis Follows Louisville With a Festival of Faiths”

Indy's Festival of Faiths gets national attention! Be there September 7th to see what the buzz is all about.

Volunteer at the Festival of Faiths Sept 7

Do you like setting things up and taking things down? If the answer is "yes," you are in for a treat! Sept. 7's Festival of Faiths needs volunteers to help set up the event, help out during the event, and clean up after.

Be part of the youth dialogue @ F of F!

Join a lively dialogue of young people of different faiths as well those who seek a deeper sense of spirituality without belonging to organized faiths.

Videos from the 2013 Festival of Faiths

The Inaugural Festival of Faiths featured an interfaith panel discussion by many of CEntral Indiana's leading religious and spiritual leaders. Don't feel badly if you missed it! See video highlights below. And be sure to attend the Youth Dialogue at the 2014 Festival of Faiths September 7th.

Rose Timpe on the first Festival of Faiths

Global Indy Scholar Rose Timpe attended the inaugural Festival of Faiths in 2013. She offers this report.

Faith festival sends a message of hope

CIC Board Member David Carlson explains why the Festival of Faiths on September 7 is especially important right now

Festival of Faiths organizers are eagerly anticipating September 7

The FOF team at the Mayor's office in Indianapolis. Dedicated volunteers and servants for the cause, putting together a remarkable event.

Volunteer for the Festival of Faiths

It's hard to imagine a more enjoyable opportunity to volunteer than for the Festival of Faiths on September 7th. What can you expect?

Rev. Charles Harrison and the 10 Point Coalition

Global Indy Scholar Christopher Moeller learned about the 10 Point Coalition at a spring event at Butler University. The Coalition has recently received a fashion donation.

Erika Smith: “Pastor works to connect suburban churches with urban challenges”

Erika Smith point at an important effort by a suburban church to address urban social challenges

Peggy Thompson-Rutledge on the 2013 Festival of Faiths

Peggy Thompson-Rutledge attended the first Festival of Faiths with her grandson ... read what she thought of the event.

Erika Smith on churches and the fight against violence in Indianapolis, part 1

Erika Smith thinks churches could be helping Central Indiana's "small, underfunded nonprofits with proven methods for keeping kids out of trouble and on the right path to responsible adulthood." How to find them, how to broker partnerships?