Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

End hunger by changing the systems

May 18th — Truly ending hunger means changing its systems—this class on changing the systems that impact hunger will explore how.

Emergency prep for food pantries

Is your organization or food pantry, your church or synagogue or mosque ready when emergency situations come? Our guest presenter is ReadyIndy; they will facilitate the discussion about being prepared when disaster comes.

Community iftars in Central Indiana this Ramadan

Here's CIC's roster of iftars that will eagerly welcome everyone — Muslims and non-Muslims— for a meal and conversation

Niagara Foundation Abraham’s Tent Events

With the kitchen and living room as the place of encounter, Abraham’s Tent meals connect people within their local community and facilitate one-to-one relationship building.

Crossroads Coffee Night — Ramadan and Eid celebrations

April 26th — Have you ever been curious about Muslim's holy month of Ramadan, but haven't know who or how to ask? Here's an excellent way.

Join the Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion for dialogue and breakfast

Want to know why the Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion  is important? Read this interview with CIC board member Muzaffar Ahmad. Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion members met at the Original Pancake house on

Drink Coffee, Eat Cake & Discuss True Islam

CIC board member Muzaffar Ahmad is one of the leaders of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim community. For several years they have been offering a weekly series of discussions about the real meaning of Islam: Coffee, Cake and True Islam. Join them Wednesday evening at Marian University's Starbucks.

Talk with Turks

Niagara Foundation Indiana head Cenk Kandemir shares with us some of the ways the Turkish-Hoosier community is encouraging interfaith dialogue during the holy month of Ramadan.

Experience American “civil religion” at Civic Saturday/Tuesday

April 16th — "Civil religion" is one of the most important concepts in understanding politics in America. With Civil Saturdays, Indianapolis is one of a handful of cities experimenting with making transparent both its civil and the religious aspects. For those of us without free Saturdays, this month's Civic Saturday is actually Civic Tuesday.

A report from a Death Café: No need to be afriad

"People don’t need to fear death or dying. Death is inevitable. Everyone is going to die. If or when people start accepting this fact, everyone can start living a much happier, more fulfilling life."

Five reasons to attend the Interfaith Youth Forum

April 10th — For a cohort of teens, spring has been a special experience. They want to tell you why ... come listen and question

Next Faith Hope & Love Community Table Talk

Table Talks provide an opportunity to discuss hunger, poverty, and what we can do. April's topic: "No Cost Benefits."

So what’s a Death Café?

On Friday April 26th CIC is partnering with the Pagan Community on a Death Café. It’s a chance to eat cake, drink tea, and talk about death civilly … because increased awareness of death means a more fulfilling life.

“Christians must attempt to leap from fear to faith”

"Part of the reason I like the Banquet so much is that it is a beautiful example of welcoming and dialoguing with people whose religious languages and loyalties are different than mine."

CIC board members help us make sense of Christchurch

It’s not surprising that CIC’s board is actively leading efforts to make sense of a senseless tragedy. Imam Ahmed Alamine and Rev. Pat Holman are featured in this Indy Star article. Faryal Khatri is interviewed

Rev. Jerry Zehr calls to focus on ideas that unite us

CIC emeritus board member KP Singh reports on the visit to the Sikh Satsang of Rev. Jerry Zehh, founder of Carmel Interfaith Alliance