Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Why “Baby Doll Goes to Daycare” is important

Take a look at a vibrant slice of Hoosier culture you may not have known exists

“Catholics, Muslims bond over weekly lunch at Indianapolis delicatessen”

The openness to people of other faiths that Pope Francis modeled during his Feb. 3-5 visit to the United Arab Emirates has been embraced for more than 20 years at a weekly lunch shared by Muslims, Catholics and other Christians at Shapiro’s Delicatessen in Indianapolis.

Food and religious practices

Most people agree that religious cultures are shaped by — and in turn influence — what believers can and cannot eat. Taste what we mean.

Dialogue with Earlham and Bethany seminarians

January 16th a group of nine students from Earlham School of Religion and Beth-El Zedeck Synagogue earlier in the day, so they were primed for an inter-religious conversation.

Chances to explore mental health and wellness

If you are lucky, you were able to attend the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health’s final event of 2018, “Flourish.” It was a chance to reflect on the ICMH’s achievements in 2018, and to

20 years of interfaith dialogue at Shapiro’s deli

A story about the Christian-Muslim dialogue group, Focolare. 2019 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year Imam Saahir and CIC board chair Judge David Shahid have been leaders of the Indianapolis chapter.

The challenges and opportunities of Unitarian Universalist parenting

Wednesday November 28th — The CIC Living Room Dialogue visited All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church to discuss the experience of family life.

Conversations about Islam

At the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, we encourage everyone to get to know their neighbors of different religious traditions, even before we are called to stand in solidarity after an act of vandalism or

Let’s talk about it

One of the best things about interfaith engagement is the chance to partake in honest and civil discourse with people of different beliefs. 

Meet Your Neighbor in Carmel

As you might expect, CIC's board members, former board members, and friends are on full display. Don't miss this chance to ask all the questions about other religious traditions you've been wanting to ask, but didn't know how.

Images from “Second Generation Voices for Healing”

August 15th he ICMH and Felege Hiywot organized a conversation about issues second generation immigrants and refugees face, and the resources that are available or should be available.

Critical conversation about race closes “Red Green Black” exhibit

July 19th — A team of graduate students from IUPUI's School for Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) organized "Critical Conversations about Race": an opportunity for people of different races, ages, and genders to talk candidly about the racial problems we face, and about what we think should be done.

Images from the “Red, Black, Green” reception

Thursday July 5th — More than 60 people attended the opening reception for "Red, Black, Gold," an exhibit of contemporary local African American artists.

Opportunities to discuss race in America this summer

This summer you should visit the exhibit "Red, Black, Green" and attend the events surrounding it. But there are more chances to address challenges of race in America.

ICMH and Marion County Mental Health Courts

Every third Wednesday, the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health hosts a luncheon to discuss various mental health topics. This month's topic: Marion County's Mental Health courts.

What you might have missed not sitting in Ruth Ellen’s backseat

April 28 the Education Subcommittee of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation presented an event, "Cultivating a Lifestyle of Nonviolence." Many who attended called it one of the best CIC events ever