Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

“Fight ISIS by supporting Muslims in your community”

Say David Carlson: "The Center for Interfaith Cooperation offers vibrant leadership and regular educational programming. Indiana Muslims are being invited to the houses of worship of followers of other religions more frequently now than ever before."

“Al-Islam and the African American Community in Indianapolis”

CIC Board member Imam Michael "Mikal" Saahir delivered an important talk about the development of Islam among African Americans in Indianapolis.

CIC Board members organize important interfaith event

Faith Presbyterian Church and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community host program in Indianapolis to fight fear of Islamic faith with knowledge.

Local Christians, Muslims promoting interfaith dialogue

March 19th -- CIC Board members Muzaffar Ahmad and David Carlson are organizing an important event to defuse misperceptions about Islam.

In Memoriam:  Dr. Stephen H. Webb, 1961-2016      

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation wishes to honor Steve for his dedication as a professor of theology and an author who explained Mormonism to other Christians. In addition, even beyond his academic excellence, Steve was a role model of Christian discipleship.

KP Singh’s remarks on being awarded Interfaith Ambassador of the Year

GREETINGS AND GRATITUDE Thank you CIC for this prestigious Award and generous tribute. I am overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. Thank you everyone for your presence. You have come in your Punjabi and ethnic-native or

Another honor for KP Singh

As a warm-up for his award as Interfaith Ambassador of the Year at the Interfaith Banquet on February 21 (get your tickets now), on February 6 KP Singh will be honored with a Legacy Award by the Butler University Jordan College of the Arts.

KP Singh and the New Year

CIC's 2016 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year, KP Singh, shares his wishes for the new year.

Muzaffar Ahmad on Paris attacks

From WISH-TV, CIC board member Muzaffar Ahmad discusses the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Congratulations to Nur Allah & Charlie Wiles

For the 23rd year Nur-Allah Islamic Center honored parents at its annual banquet. This year the main speaker was Kalimah Azeez of Memphis, a youth motivational speaker and Midwest Leadership Team Youth Chair. Also

Reflection on the Parliament of World Religions

CIC Board member David Carlson wrote this piece after attending the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City October 15-19.

Imam Saahir wins Martin University’s Distinguished Alumni Award

Join us in congratulating CIC Board member Imam Mikal Saahir for being named one of Martin University's Distinguished Alumni, for his contributions to serving others in the community.

David Carlson on “Fostering Civil Discussion and Addressing Intolerance in our Society”

September 23, CIC board member David Carlson spoke to the Mid North Shepherd Center about "Fostering Civil Discussion and Addressing Intolerance in our Society."

Imam Saahir: ‘Sacred Journeys’ teaches us education leads to inclusion

Michael Saahir, imam of the Nur-Allah Islamic Center in Indianapolis and board member of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, reflects on the opportunity the Children's Museum gives Indy.

A Different Kind of Pope Visits America

"Don’t expect Pope Francis to step over the homeless on our streets or ignore the plight of undocumented workers. Expect this pope to be less comfortable speaking to the joint session of Congress than with the millions, many of them poor, who will try to catch a glimpse of him."

Stemming America’s Growing Racial Divide

On the tragedies of 14th of 9/11, Imam Michael Saahir reflects on the even greater tragedy of racial division and violence that wracks communities in America every day.