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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Yoga & the Spiritual Trail

Sophie Zinn shares her experiences leading a hike along the Spiritual Trail that focused on the practice of yoga.

Congratulations to CIC Board member Aarti Shah!

"As a visionary and inspirational leader, Aarti has a proven track record of building strong, flexible and sustainable organizations. She is known for her relentless focus and passion for developing people."

What’s happening before the Dalai Lama’s talk?

At 1:00 on September 25 the Dalai Lama will talk about compassion. But even before his talk, the audience can prepare for the talk with a remarkable program of song and dance.

Join us in welcoming the Dalai Lama to Indy

Your congregation or community organization can publicly welcome the Dalai Lama on June 25 in the program booklet for his talk.

Iftars = Faith + friends + compassion

For people who have their fill to eat, Ramadan cultivates empathy- it is a reminder of what the less fortunate must feel like, going without food. This sacred month is not only for spiritual cleansing but is also a time for self-assessment and reflection, for focusing inwards, for praying.

Images from CIC’s visit to the Children’s Museum’s Sacred Journey exhibit

January 10th the Children's Museum offered members of the CIC Board a special tour of the "Sacred Journeys" exhibit. All agreed: everyone needs to see this exhibit!

Celebrate MLK with an interfaith service, then engage in interfaith service

Stop the killing, rally for real living…L.O.V.E: Let our violence end.” Join our Indianapolis interfaith religious community in celebrating Dr. King’s message of compassion, love and non-violence.

Read and listen to Don Knebel

Congratulations to CIC founding board chair and inaugural Interfaith Ambassador Don Knebel for the publication of his new book, Flushed with Curiosity 101 Travel Tales with a Twist.

Look at the great interfaith events happening around Indy

Every week we have many opportunities to learn about, to discuss, and to collaborate to address some of the most important issues facing Central Indiana and the world. Here are some we are especially excited about.

Reception for KP Singh in Color

Indianapolis artist KP Singh presents an exhibition of his ink drawings and prints of historic landmarks in Indianapolis and beyond. Singh’s art and words are constant reminders of the collective heritage of human civilization. His passion and commitment to preservation is a celebration of Indiana’s unique and outstanding architectural, artistic and cultural treasures as we get ready to celebrate Indiana's Bicentennial.

Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred II

In February IUPUI Prof. Ian McIntosh issued a call for papers to be presented at a conference on “Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred,” at Mansfield College in Oxford, UK. Ian reports that

RSVP to tour the Indianapolis Mormon Temple

The new Mormon Temple of Indiana is being dedicated in late August. Everyone is welcome to tour the temple July 17 through August 8 (except for Sundays). It's a unique chance for non-Mormons to see inside the temple.

Be part of the first Living Room Dialogue

The first Dialogue takes place during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting from sun-up to sun-down.

Ramadan, Iftars and OBAT Helpers

The word “Iftar” represents sweet relief to a fasting Muslim. It is the culmination of a long day of going without food and water with a delicious variety of treats, juices and dates. It

 Maha kumbhabhishekam—The Consecration Process for the Hindu Temple

"The five days rituals are undertaken to endow our temple for bringing about 'Peace': worshipers are endowed with inner peace and harmony, and thus become agents of peace in our world."