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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Five reasons to join the Spiritual Trail discussion of gratitude

While this spiritual walk does not guarantee you will enjoy all the following benefits overnight, you will learn some basic skills to reflect upon and record what you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude helps with ...

Don Knebel on “Points of Departure”

Don gives series of talks at churches around Indianapolis, covering topics of religious history and theology. His latest series is called "Points of Departure." It covers the history of the Christian Church(s) from its beginnings to the Reformation.

Rabbi Dennis Sasso at the Interfaith Banquet

One would have to search long and hard to find a rabbi more wise and erudite as Rabbi Dennis Sasso. His remarks on the challenge of interfaith engagement deserve to be read by all.

The 2018 Interfaith Ambassadors of the Year reflect on gun violence

At the 4th Annual Interfaith Banquet on March 18, Rabbi Sandy and Rabbi Dennis Sasso will be honored as 2018 Interfaith Ambassadors of the Year. If you would you like to know the moral and interfaith voice they provide the community, look no further than this recent article in the Indianapolis Star.

CIC board members at Religious Freedom Forum II

Religious Freedom Forum II will highlight the effects of legal changes on minority religious groups in central Indiana. Panelists include: Rabbi Brett Krichiver and Anita Joshi

Pierre Atlas: “Gun owner and lifetime member of NRA calls for reforms”

CIC board member Pierre Atlas says: The U.S. has a unique gun culture with unique gun rights, and we also have the highest rates of gun violence in the developed world.

Sacred Spaces tours this spring

The theme this year is Sacred Song and Recitation. Tour the place of worship, then hear examples of music that moves the spirit and brings worshipers closer to the Divine.

Moments of Mindfulness: An Introduction

This invitation comes from CIC board member Bruce Garrison. Bruce is eager to explore the idea of mindfulness in many religious traditions

Learn about celebrating Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is celebrated by many Buddhists on December 8th. It commemorates the day that Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, first experienced enlightment while meditating under a bodhi tree. Everyone can celebrate Bodhi Day.

A particularly good time for Charles Strain to address global migration

A talk about a just response to the world's refugee crises is timely. Even more timely is to understand Buddhism and the plight of Rohingya refugees.

Learn what Mormons (and the rest of us) need to know about Islam

October 22nd CIC is partnering with the BYU Alumni Association to present Dr. Daniel Peterson, one of the world's leading Mormon scholars of Islam. Learn about Islam and about Mormonism.

Two chances to learn about Jains in September

Prof. Cort will give two talks about Jainism, on on the 23rd and 24th of September. we all have much to learn from the Jains. Don't miss either!

Sassos: Let’s teach our children not to hate

Rabbi Dennis Sasso and Rabbi Sandy Sasso had an important article that relates to the video about parenting that CIC will premiere on November 11.  Also noteworthy: Sandy and Dennis have just been named CIC's 2018 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year. 

Faryal Khatri explains the Hajj

This article interviewing CIC board member Faryal Khatri is by Sara Coughlin, “Why The Hajj Takes Place Next Week,” Refinery 29. This year, the Hajj — the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, the birthplace of

Five reasons to see the film “Sonita”

September 14th -- A New View Film Series kicks off with "Sonita," a documentary about Sonita Alizadeh, an Afghan rapper and activist who gained international attention in Iran.

Opportunities to learn about refugees this fall

If by the end of the fall you can still say, "I don't know about refugees" ... it won't be because you've lacked opportunities.