Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

A special deal for Cultural Journey — India

One of the city's great cultural events in August will be Cultural Journey — India, four days of Indian film, music, food, and more. Good friend of CIC Gadi Boukai alerts us to a generous offer to the Interfaith Community.

Words of interfaith wisdom from Nathan Day Wilson

Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the Rev. Nathan Day Wilson is interim director of communications at Christian Theological Seminary and coordinator of IndyStar’s “Faith & Values” page.

OASIS visits An Lac Vietnamese Buddhist Temple

On July 15th some 50 OASIS students were hosted by members of the An Lac Buddhist Temple as part of the Sacred Spaces Tour organized by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation.

Discover the world in the dark

This summer, some of your best opportunities to learn about other cultures and faith traditions will be through movies. And the learning continues in the fall with our New View Film Series.

Music as an opportunity to learn

You can learn a lot about other traditions by listening to their music ... or join in making a joyful noise.

Chautauqua at Greensburg High School

CIC's Speakers Bureau was honored to have seven people participate on a World Religions panel at Greensburg High School in April

Two paths to nirvana in one living room

About 20 people attended the Hindu-Jain Living Room Dialogue on Thursday evening March 9. Arun Jain and Anita Joshi graciously opened up their beautiful home and offered some delicious vegetarian Indian food as refreshments. Anita began the program

Atlas: A shameful time in America’s past

"Few people came to the defense of this demonized ethnic minority. Instead, ordinary Americans hopped on the bandwagon, expressing longstanding anti-Japanese racism and looting Japanese-owned businesses after the owners had been shipped off to the camps."

Prayer for peace from the Buddhist tradition

At the interfaith celebration of MLK Day January 16th, CIC board member Betty Klein offered this prayer for peace, a chant practiced by all members of Soka Gakkai International.

A prayer for peace from the Jewish Tradition

CIC board member Gadi Boukai offered this prayer for peace at the January 16th interfaith celebration of MLK Day at St. John's Missionary Baptist Church.

A report on 2 reports from Standing Rock

January 5th -- Can the power of nonviolent love trump the violence in this world? Can standing in peace and prayer actually win, or will we just be bulldozed over?

John Fink: “Catholic ignorance about Islam”

John Fink, editor emeritus of The Criterion, contributes this thoughtful please for religious literacy.

Don Knebel on “Bridging the Gap: Jewish Thought between the Testaments”

CIC Board member Don Knelbel returns to Second Presbyterian Church for a four-part series of discussions on what happened between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New.

Mysticism: Seeking Oneness Across Faiths

November 30th -- Be part of a panel-style discussion of mysticism rooted in the three Abrahamic faiths. Find out how practitioners of Kabbalism, Sufism, and Christian mysticism experience the divine.

“I Am Home: Muslim Hoosiers” … an exhibit & conversation

November 5-18 a perception changing photo and audio exhibit will be in the Interchurch Gallery. The exhibit has been extended to November 18. Don't miss it, right now it's important.