Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Save March 8 for CIC’s Sixth Annual Interfaith Banquet!

March 8th — The date and venue have been set. The 2020 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year has named. Stand by for details about tickets and sponsorship opportunities.

21st Annual State of Indiana Holocaust Remembrance Program

This year’s program will coincide with Kristallnacht, which will provide an important opportunity to raise awareness for this catalytic event

It was a great night to discuss Howard Thurman

Wednesday night CIC and the Butler Center for Faith & Vocation partnered on a Spirit & Place event: a film and exciting discussion about the mystic and theologian of nonviolence Howard Thurman. More than 100 people attended.

Free, Friendly Yoga Indoors at the Indianapolis Zen Center

CIC board member Tony has been hosting yoga classes and meditations around Indianapolis since 2013. He leads a supportive, light-hearted practice of exploration.

Voices of Resilience: Stories of Immigration

Nov. 20th — Hear stories from our immigrant neighbors about the intersectionality of youth, mental health, faith, and being an immigrant.

Hindu culture in Central Indiana — Is it Revolution or Evolution?

Immigrants to the United States bring their religion, art, and culture with them, but connections to these things change over time. You are invited to listen in as Hindu youth and elders discuss and debate the evolution of their culture in America.

Apply for the Interfaith Youth Ambassador Program

Are you looking for ways to meet other students who are like you, but hold different religious beliefs? If the answer is “yes,” you are in luck.

Nov. 5 — Discuss (and act) faith & Science

Did you know this CIC co-sponsored event was nominated for the "Awesomeness Award" by the Spirit and Place Festival?

Don’t miss this discussion of Howard Thurman

November 6th — If you attend only one Spirit & Place event this November (and you should attend more than one), we think it should be Backs Against the Wall, a film and discussion about Howard Thurman. 

Imam Saahir awarded by Hoosier Environmental Council

Michael "Mikal" Saahir is being honored for recent work on environmental justice for his recent work on environmental justice that stopped a limestone processing pit on the near westside of Indy

It was another thought-provoking Death Café

CIC AmeriCorps member Robin Thompson attended the latest Death Café organized by the Indiana Pagan Community Outreach and Dialogue (IPCOD) on October 18th.

The Struggle Is Real: Youth Talking to Faith Leaders

Oct. 16th — Pairs of youth and clergy will model healthy, productive conversations about mental health. Youth will ask faith leaders questions, and faith leaders will model how to be a safe space for these kinds of conversations.

Local faith and community leaders to guide Indiana health summit at Martin University

"On Oct. 19, we hope to continue the legacy of Father Hardin and Sister Jane by trying to improve health outcomes for members of our beloved community."

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation laments the loss of life in Germany

Incidents of antisemitism and crimes that are driven by religious hatred are on the rise in Indiana. The killings in Germany are particularly troubling because of killer sought to hunt down a synagogue full of Jews celebrating Yom Kippur.

Should talking about death be so much fun?

Oct. 18th — Serious conversation about "death" is considered by many Americans to be morbid, even taboo. Read why 40-some people gathered together April 26th to have a good time talking about the topic

Indy Festival of Faiths: An open-air interfaith cathedral to our common humanity

KP Singh offers his view of what the Indy Festival of Faiths means.