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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Be part of something special — #GivingTuesdayCIC

#GivingTuesday has become one of the popular days for charitable donations in the world. While we would be grateful for your support, we want to give to you as well.

Simplexity with Alyson Stoner and Bruce Garrison

Says CIC board member Bruce Garrison: "For the past four years I have acted as a spiritual advisor/mentor to a young lady named Alyson Stoner."

Indianapolis Spiritual Trail

Ian Mcintosh, the creator of the Indianapolis Spiritual Trail, was very active at the 2019 Indy Festival of Faiths: he helped shape the Procession of Faiths and provided guidance on the Labyrinth. Ian explains what the Spiritual Trail is.

Who’ll be at the Indy Festival of Faiths? All Souls Unitarian Church

One of the stalwarts of the Indy Festival of Faiths has been All Souls Unitarian Church. They're representing this year as well ... with a special guest. But what do you know about what Unitarians believe?

Who’ll be at the Indy Festival of Faiths? Spirit & Place

Spirit & Place is a catalyst for civic engagement through creative collaborations among the arts, humanities, and religion. They'll be at the Festival of Faiths.

The Indy Spiritual Trail leads a meditative pilgrimage downtown

The Interchurch Center is the starting point for one of Indianapolis’s hidden treasures, the Indy Spiritual Trail.

Look who’ll be back at the Festival of Faiths — “Indiana Sisters Making a Difference”!

One of the most popular booths at the 2018 Indy Festival of Faiths was "Indiana Sisters Making a Difference." Sisters Anitha and Vani Sharma provided henna artistry in order to raise funds for an orphanage. They're going to be back, with "Glitter Jars for the Stars"

Who’ll be at the Festival of Faiths? The Hindu Temple of Central Indiana, that’s who

The Hindu Community has been part of the Indy Festival of Faiths since the beginning. How can you get to know our Hindu neighbors better, before and after the Festival?

Who’ll be at the Festival of Faiths? The Dwelling Place, that’s who

A stalwart of past Festivals is the Dwelling Place, a Christian community that seeks to integrate Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox practices in their worship. How does the Dwelling Place live the theme of this year's Festival, "Embracing religious diversity"?

Thank you to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis for sponsoring the Festival of Faiths

What's most important isn't the money that sponsors such as the Archdiocese provides — of course, we need $ to put on the Festival. What matters more is that we have become friends with our sponsors.