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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

“The pandemic shut down choirs. We’re finding new ways to sing together

'“How will we sing in this foreign land?” We will sing because we have to. Harmony, community and balance are not only characteristics of choral art. They are aural examples of our human aspiration.'

Indy faith leaders: How does the city return to in-person worship?

It’s a discussion faith leaders across the country are having: How can churches and synagogues balance the right to worship while considering public health because of the coronavirus? It’s a conversation faith leaders in Indianapolis want to continue having.

“New drive-thru food pantry opens in Castleton”

This story is about Faith Hope Love & Love Community, a nonprofit supporting churches' missional food pantries and based in the Indiana Interchurch Center. Great job, Merlin and colleagues!

Afshan Paarlberg: Faith, Family and Service

This report comes from good firend of CIC, Afshan Paarlberg. Afshan is one of the drivers behind OBAT Helpers work to empower the dispossessed and vulnerable in Bangladesh. She's also VP of the board of directors of Exodus.

“New drive-thru pantry near Castleton needs community support”

Before it can open, it's looking for support from the community. It's looking for tables, chairs, floor mats, a large or commercial refrigerator, and 10 steel shelving units.

Carmel Interfaith Alliance raises $21k in gift cards for 600 kids

Hundreds of families in Hamilton County hit hard by the pandemic got a little extra help thanks to an alliance of churches and other religious institutions.

‘Prayer Is Not Enough.’ The Dalai Lama on Why We Need to Fight Coronavirus With Compassion

We Buddhists believe that the entire world is interdependent. That is why I often speak about universal responsibility.

Holy Days around the world

People in Central Indiana adapted to maintaining physical distance while worshipping together during the quarantine. Here are some images of the faithful in many places around the world.

COVID-19 Peaceful and self-care strategies

"In this time to rush to return to “normal,” use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to."

Love! in the time of coronavirus

Wherever they strike, disasters have a way of revealing our preexisting weaknesses. But they also open up opportunities. There is a golden hour after disaster strikes, a chance to come together and build

Get to know one another through social distancing

These words of wisdom come from Rev. Jerry Zehr of Carmel Christian Church and the Carmel Interfaith Alliance.

March 18 — ICMH luncheon on Violence in the Indianapolis Community

Five reasons you should attend this very important discussion.

March 9 — ICMH Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Cluster Program

The Cluster meeting's goal is to provide an opportunity for congregational leadership teams to mutually support one another, share ideas, learn together about resources and plan common activities around mental wellness. The Cluster will potentially provide organic opportunities for stakeholders to follow-up on new ideas and potential trainings in a locally relevant manner.

A Zen-eyed view on interfaith

In a world increasingly fragmented across the kaleidoscope of beliefs and religions, it is easy to feel that we may never see peace in our time. However, are we really as divided as we think? Daiko Matsuyama, Deputy Head Priest of Taizoin Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan holds inter-faith dialogue as one powerful strategy that can bring our disparate world together.

ICMH luncheon — Eating disorders

February 19th — Attend this Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health luncheon to learn how religious groups are helping those who suffer to recover. You can hear from Selah House, a Christ-centered eating disorder treatment center.

4 reasons to attend the ICMH Cluster Program for Butler-Tarkington

February 10th — This promises to be one of those events whose positive impacts continue for a long time.