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Challenge 0-0-1

July 22, 2019 – July 26, 2019 all-day

Community volunteers, leaders, celebrities, CEO’s, business owners embark on a journey of eating one meal per day on July 22-26. Each participant will embark on 0-0-1 campaign. (0-breakfast, 0-lunch, but 1-supper); at your option, you can also join a group to walk from one food pantry to another during the challenge – July 22-26.

In recognition of the 15th Annual Faith Hope and Love Week Hunger Awareness Week, I am asking you to consider to only eat one meal per day beginning on Monday, July 22nd until Friday, July 26th. We believe that engaging in this activity will help you and others shed some light on what’s it like to go hungry.  As part of your participation, we are asking you to journal about your experience through social media, emails, phone calls, meetings with their normal daily activities to help raise money to advance the end to hunger.

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