Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Art of the Sacred Texts

February 5, the Center for Interfaith Cooperation co-sponsored a deep and insightful conversation among religious leaders inspired by the St. John’s Illuminated Bible. It’s the first illuminated Bible commissioned in half a millennium. Plates

Visions of Peace

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis has been exploring the birth stories of four remarkable religious leaders: Confucius, Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad.

Images from 2018 Muslim-Christian Unity prayer service

December 23th, 2019 — Join Fr. Chris Wadelton, Imam Ahmed Alamine, Lori Joundi, and moderator T.A. Shula

CIC board members make a road trip (and so should you)

CIC board members Anita Joshi and Bruce Garrison will speak at the Sisters of St. Francis Franciscan Center in Oldenburg IN.

Rev. Canon Bruce Gray on the Dynamics of Interfaith

Rev. Bruce Gray discusses interfaith engagement in this episode of Rachel Koehler's "Dynamics of Interfaith" series of podcasts

“Why Do Some Christians Observe Shavuot?”

Sam Kestenbaum, in the Jewish journal Forward, explores the coincidence of Jewish celebration of Shavuot and the Christian celebration of Pentecost. Before reading the article you might take a look at a video from Religion for Breakfast.

Christians, have a blessed Whit Monday

Whit Monday is the day after Pentecost. At Pentecost Christians observance commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus Christ’s disciples.

Reverend Bruce Garrison Interview — An episode of The Dynamics of Interfaith

Rachel Koehler interviews Bruce Garrison of The Dwelling Place as part of her "Dynamics of Interfaith" podcast series.

Reverend Brian Shivers Interview — Dynamics of Interfaith

Rachel Koehler interviews Rev. Brian Shivers of 2nd Presbyterian Church as part of her "The Dynamics of Interfaith" podcast series.

Dynamics of Interfaith — Chris Melton

After she took a trip to Israel and Palestine, she felt the urgency to join in interfaith dialogue. She is new to the CIC, but she is ready to engage.

The Bible in America: Does it Still Matter?

May 9th — Dr. Peter J. Thuesen, Professor of Religious Studies at IUPUI, speaks at the Lutheran Child & Family Services annual symposium

Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday — celebrated this year by Catholics and Protestants on April 14 — is a special day for Christians. Here are five things Christians and non-Christians should know about the day.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is celebrated by almost Christians (although not on the same day: Western Christian celebrate it this year on March 25; Eastern Christians on April 1).It marks the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem roughly a week before His resurrection. 

Don Knebel’s “Images of the Divine”

Don Knebel speaks widely to churches and community groups on a variety of topics related to religions of the world and religious history. You can hear five of his talks in April and May at Second Presbyterian Church.

“The Lord is One” — How Christianity Separated from Judaism

April 26th — The origins of the church and divisions between Paul and James over the need to follow Jewish Law. The third in the series "Images of the Divine."