Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Neighbor Power Indy — A celebration of neighborly dialogue

CIC was well represented at Neighbor Power Indy on March 3rd. Charlie Wiles and Muzaffar Ahmad were part of a panel discussion of “Celebrating Diversity in Interfaith Communities.” Representatives from the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC)

Reflections on the Religious Freedom Forum II

IUPUI's Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture organized a discussion of religious freedom at the gorgeous ArtsCenter on March 6th. Featured speakers included CIC board members Anita Joshi and Rabbi Brett Krichiver. Niloofar Asgari and Art Farnsley provide reports.

“… an opportunity to prove ourselves the best neighbors”

"Whatever the outcome, we do not consider this a victory for us or a defeat for our neighbors. If the decision will come in our favor, we will take it as an opportunity to prove ourselves the best neighbors, which is the fundamental teaching of Islam."

Fr. Rick Ginther: Building bridges is goal of inter-religious dialogue

New CIC board member Fr. Rick Ginther: "The Spirit of Pentecost is yet at work in our world, reaching beyond the 'babble' of misunderstanding—to mutual understanding leading to openness, justice and peace."

Welcome CIC’s new board members!

CIC is blessed to have cohort of 10 exceptional new board members. Protestants, Catholics, a Sikh, a pagan, and a Jain. Welcome aboard!

CIC board member Arionne Yvette Williams

It is vitally important that we work within to build bridges and relationships across religious difference, and get to know people who believe differently than we do. It enriches our own sacred stories, strengthens the bonds of community, and elevates the character of our society."

New CIC board member Mac Burberry

Why does Interfaith matter to Mac? "Because God loves the whole world. Therefore, as a Christ follower I want to love others as He loves me."

CIC board member Chirjeev Kaur Oberoi

Chirjeev says interfaith is important because it provides a platform which gives the individuals an opportunity to deepen understanding of other faiths and traditions, sensitively appreciate other faiths, and build bridges so that each of us can uplift ourselves and the humanity as a whole.