Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Join the conversation: “System Shift 2019: Food, Faith, and Community”

Come learn more about the logistics as to how the ROCK Fresh Market was created, the innovative approach taken to address supply and demand for healthy fresh food, and their overall commitment of providing food security options for their east Indianapolis neighbors.

Next Faith Hope & Love Community Table Talk

Table Talks provide an opportunity to discuss hunger, poverty, and what we can do. April's topic: "No Cost Benefits."

Food and religious practices

Most people agree that religious cultures are shaped by — and in turn influence — what believers can and cannot eat. Taste what we mean.

What you might have missed not sitting in Ruth Ellen’s backseat

April 28 the Education Subcommittee of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation presented an event, "Cultivating a Lifestyle of Nonviolence." Many who attended called it one of the best CIC events ever

Oh the food we shared at the Interfaith Banquet!

One of the many highlights of CIC's Annual Interfaith Banquets is the dinner. Everyone remarks on how different gastronomic traditions combine to create something delicious and original.