Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

IRSC member Liz Irk

Liz’s duties focus on reaching out to immigrant and refugee communities impacted by cancer, including organizing cancer-related educational opportunities for refugees and immigrants, recruiting and managing bilingual volunteers, coordinating outreach interpreters and managing material translations

IRSC presents Immigrant Heritage Showcase

June 30th — an opportunity to share your family’s heritage story. Bring photos, items, and food that showcase your family's immigrant heritage.

Service: The Feet of the Interfaith Community

Joining AmeriCorps is simple! Send us your resume. We'll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

Chelsea & Jimmy say: Joining AmeriCorps is simple!

Joining AmeriCorps is simple! Send us your resume. We'll meet with you in July and direct you toward a host-site agency that fits.

IRSC member Hanako Gavia

IRSC job title: Welcoming Indianapolis Coordinator at New Immigrant Center   Why she chose AmeriCorps service: “I am motivated more by helping people than by money,” Hanako said.   Why AmeriCorps and IRSC are important: “AmeriCorps helps builds organizational capacity.,” Hanako said.

Mussie Zena on his family’s US citizenship

This is from Catholic Charities Indianapolis — Refugee and Immigrant Services. Mussie Zena is a member of the Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps serving at Catholic

IRSC member Mussie Zena

Immigrant Refugee & Service Corps member Mussie Zena serves at Catholic Charities, where he helps immigrants and refugees with employment appointments and interviews

IRSC’s Rose Ohiami

Rose Ohiami is hosted by La Plaza, where she assists families with completion of applications for food stamps, cash assistance and/or Medicaid, as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving programs.

Bangladeshi American Alliance health and resource fair

May 2nd nearly a hundred Bangladeshis came to the Interchurch Center to learn about healthcare options, consult privately with Bangla-speaking physicians, and enjoy a spring day with families and friends.

Mental Health & Healthy Congregations workshop

April 18th CIC’s Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps​ partnered with CTS’s Counselling Center on “Mental Health and Healthy Congregations,” a workshop for Latino pastors. Pastors, community leaders and mental health professionals explored the challenges

IRSC member Lyla Spath

IRSC member Lyla Spath, hosted at the Center for interfaith Cooperation, shares the opportunities for service and learning that this AmeriCorps program provides.

IRSC’s Erin Tock

Erin Tock is a first year member of the AmeriCorps program, the Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps. Erin's host site is NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Indiana.

IRSC’s Damarius Johnson

First year IRSC member Damarius Johnson works with 300 8th graders with the Peace Learning Center

IRSC’s Eduardo Luna

Eduardo Luna is a first year IRSC team member whose host site is Big Car

Lunch with CIC’s Immigrant & Refugees Service Corps

April 14th — CIC's IRSC is one of the most innovative AmeriCorps programs around. Find out what makes it special by lunching with members.

Exodus ♥ Katey Humphries

In honor of AmeriCorps Week, Exodus tells about their favorite AmeriCorps volunteer, IRSC's Katey Humphries