Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

51st Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration Service

January 20th — Indianapolis has many fine MLK Day celebrations. We think one of the best is an interfaith service at the church where King preached in Indianapolis.

“Let diversity bring us together, rather than drive us apart”

In a time like now, so divided by allegiance to false gods such as money and power, by acts of lovelessness and hatred, and by lines drawn between people according to worldly standards, the truth that we are one human family is desperately needed!

“Interfaith Amigos” explore the meaning of interfaith

The "Interfaith Amigos" are national superstars of multifaith tolerance and mutual respect. What do they think they are doing?

“Be brave enough to dialogue, pope tells Thai religious leaders”

Meeting Thai religious leaders then celebrating Mass with Catholic young adults, Pope Francis encouraged them to strengthen a culture that treasures the past, holds fast to faith, is unafraid of differences and always seeks a way to promote dialogue and cooperation.

What is interfaith? Check out this video

A few years ago, we asked members of CIC's board: What is interfaith? Do you agree with their answers?

Planning a 2020 Indiana Interfaith Celebration

On December 5th, a historic gathering of 49 Faith Leaders representing Interfaith groups from around the state began planning a 2020 Indiana Interfaith Celebration.

CIC @ A Discussion About Diversity, Inclusion, and Faith in Fishers

CIC's board was well-represented at A Discussion About Diversity, Inclusion, and Faith in Fishers

CIC board members in discussion of interfaith leaders in Fishers

Nov. 13th — On the panel are CIC board members Faryal Khatri, Anita Joshi, and Rabbi Brett Krichiver

What’s happening at the Indy Festival of Faiths? Community Youth Forum

One of the most popular events of recent years is back: The Community Youth Forum. Youth from many religious traditions will gather to discuss the most important questions we face, and how we should address them.

Religious inclusion and diversity discussion at Eli Lilly

CIC board members, former board members, and good friends led a lively discussion of religious diversity at Eli Lilly.

Rev. Nathan Day Wilson on Christian Witness in an Interfaith World

Maybe Rev. Nathan Day Wilson will bring us to #Switzerland to hear his talk. Or maybe we can convince him to explain it to us when he gets back to Indy.

Interfaith Starter Grant

The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) wants to help new graduates with small grants to turn their interfaith dreams into realities

An interview with Judge David Shaheed

The third podcast by Rachel Koehler as part of the "Dynamics of Interfaith" series. For decades Judge Shaheed has been an interfaith leader in Central Indiana.

Peace Pole Dedication at Masjid Al-Fajr (the oldest mosque in Indianapolis)

Two years ago the Islamic school associated with Masjid Al Fajr, recieved the now infamous letter addressed "To the Children of Satan". On Friday, we will deliver a very different message. One of love and hope.

Victims of Sri Lanka attack mourned in 2 Indianapolis services

WTHR was at interfaith vigil for victims in Sri Lanka, and give a flavor of what you may have missed.

The Dynamics of Interfaith

My hope is that through this project people will be able to recognize the importance of interreligious dialogue and gain some insight on how dedicated members of the CIC have reconciled interfaith to their own faith.