Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Rabbi Dennis Sasso at the Interfaith Banquet

One would have to search long and hard to find a rabbi more wise and erudite as Rabbi Dennis Sasso. His remarks on the challenge of interfaith engagement deserve to be read by all.

Balbir Singh reports on the Interfaith Banquet

"Rabbi Sandy Sasso and Rabbi Dennis Sasso were presented the 2018 Interfaith Ambassadors of the Year award at a glittering function organised by Center for Interfaith Cooperation. A large number of dignitaries graced the occasion."

KP Singh on the 2018 Interfaith Banquet

"Rabbis Dennis and Sandy Sasso were gracious, thoughtful, funny, illuminating and inspiring in their acceptance response. Our hearty congratulations to Rabbi Sandy and Rabbi Dennis Sasso."

Oh the food we shared at the Interfaith Banquet!

One of the many highlights of CIC's Annual Interfaith Banquets is the dinner. Everyone remarks on how different gastronomic traditions combine to create something delicious and original.