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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Reinventing Passover

Do you enjoy getting together with friends and family for Passover but do not find it to be a transformative experience? If so, you will want you to join Dan Libenson as he leads one of Judaism Unbound’s signature workshops in which Jewish practices are stripped down and reinvented. Come help rethink what Passover could be!

Art of the Sacred Texts

February 5, the Center for Interfaith Cooperation co-sponsored a deep and insightful conversation among religious leaders inspired by the St. John’s Illuminated Bible. It’s the first illuminated Bible commissioned in half a millennium. Plates

“Why Do Some Christians Observe Shavuot?”

Sam Kestenbaum, in the Jewish journal Forward, explores the coincidence of Jewish celebration of Shavuot and the Christian celebration of Pentecost. Before reading the article you might take a look at a video from Religion for Breakfast.

A great Sacred Spaces tour of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck

George Kelley led a wise and insightful tour of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck, from Torahs to the kosher kitchen being prepared for Pesach (Passover). Meet the Interfaith Youth Ambassadors from the tour on April 12 when they organize the first Interfaith Youth Forum.

Five reasons to join the Sacred Spaces tour of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck

April 5th -- Beth-El Zedeck is one of the most influential synagogues in the US ... and has made history for the Jewish religious tradition. Find out why with a tour and Shabbat meal.

CIC’s Sacred Space Tour

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation Invites You to the Sacred Space Tours Please join us in visiting the diverse congregations of Indianapolis. This opportunity will allow you to meet people and learn about the various faiths within

Sacred Space Tour — Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation

May 16th — The Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation is a Reform Jewish synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Indianapolis.

Don Knebel’s “Images of the Divine”

Don Knebel speaks widely to churches and community groups on a variety of topics related to religions of the world and religious history. You can hear five of his talks in April and May at Second Presbyterian Church.

“The Lord is One” — How Christianity Separated from Judaism

April 26th — The origins of the church and divisions between Paul and James over the need to follow Jewish Law. The third in the series "Images of the Divine."