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Mental Health First Aid

Increase your comfort level in dealing with people with mental illness or distress. Have a basic understanding of some of the common mental illnesses you might encounter. Learn how to possibly save someone's life.

Healing the Wounds of Cultural Trauma: A Psychospiritual Imperative

From #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo, social activism is on the rise in the twenty-first century. Justice work is inherently fraught with emotional hardships, including the risks of personal, vicarious, and cultural trauma. Drawing upon her support work with faith-based activists, Rev. Dr. Walker-Barnes describes the multiple layers of emotional labor involved in social activism and the importance of emotional management in sustaining activists and movements.

Report on ICMH luncheon about domestic violence

January 15thth — an excellent luncheon about #domesticviolence. Ashley Powell at Domestic Violence Network (DVN) was engaging, knowledgeable and very helpful.

Jarrid Wilson’s legacy of hope for mental health

On September 6th, megachurch pastor Jarrid Wilson ended his life. Wilson and his wife Juli had set up Anthem of Hope, a nonprofit to help Christians (and others) struggling with depression. His fellow clergy members continue to wrestle with what this means.

Last chance to RSVP for “Voices of Resilience: Stories of Immigration”

Nov. 20th — What a great dinner and discussion the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition has put together. RSVP now so you can get some of the tasty Yats food.

Learn first-hand — What is childhood trauma?

Learn about the neurobiology of trauma, adverse childhood experiences' (ACEs) effects on health, and other factors that contribute to the mental health of a young person.

Prison Ministries & Mental Health

A Muslim, a Christian, and a Buddhist shared their experiences addressing mental health problems of prisoners during and after incarceration

Community Building: Resiliency Across Sectors

June 19th — How effective are prison ministries at addressing mental health problems of prisoners during and after their incarceration?

The Jail Health-Care Crisis

The opioid epidemic and other public-health emergencies are being aggravated by failings in the criminal-justice system.

“For prison inmates, health care comes slowly and unpredictably”

Here are a few more resources to get a head start on the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health's discussion of prison ministries and mental wellness.

Know before you go — Understanding Cultural Differences: LGBTQ+ Community.

May 15 th — Our friends at the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) list some of these issues:

What to expect at “How to support a support group”?

Next Wednesday's luncheon is going to be INCREDIBLE. Seven panelists of diverse faiths will present about how they support support groups and mental health initiatives in their communities. Register today!

How to Support a Support Group: Addictions and Mental Illness (and lots of follow up)

April 17th — clergy and lay leaders from several religious traditions will share their congregations' experiences with support groups at their places of worship.

Next ICMH luncheon — How and When to Refer: Mental Health Crises

The Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health presents our second event of the Spring 2019 Series: How Faith Communities Become Resources.

Video of “Depression in Congregations” discussion

The Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health (ICMH) hosted a luncheon and panel discussion on depression in congregations, accompanied with an interfaith prayer service, on Wednesday April 18th. In a dynamic interview format, Dr. Arman

Mental Health & Healthy Congregations workshop

April 18th CIC’s Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps​ partnered with CTS’s Counselling Center on “Mental Health and Healthy Congregations,” a workshop for Latino pastors. Pastors, community leaders and mental health professionals explored the challenges