Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Who’ll be at the Indy Festival of Faiths? Spirit & Place

Spirit & Place is a catalyst for civic engagement through creative collaborations among the arts, humanities, and religion. They'll be at the Festival of Faiths.

Sacred Arts images from Festivals gone by

It's perhaps the most diverse and engaging stage of any in a festival in Central Indiana. See what you can expect September 22.

Indy Black Expo Ecumenical Service @ City-wide Choir performance

As is tradition, Indy Black Expo kicks off with an ecumenical worship service and a performance of the City-wide Ecumenical Choir.

Indy is in for a spiritual and musical treat — Arvo Pärt’s “Passio.”

Most serious sacred music from composers such as Pärt is performed in (secular) concert halls, not the sacred space for which it perhaps was intended. Just as the experience of hearing Passio performed live rather a YouTube is different, so too is hearing in a church rather than a college auditorium.

Reasons to hear Maya Beiser perform “Elsewhere”

Central Indiana is in for a treat on April 3, when Maya Beiser brings her cello magic to the JCC. Why do we think you should be excited about her performance of the CelloOpera (her term) "Elsewhere"?

Performing Zabur — An insider’s report

Rev. Lisa Marchal was part of "Zabur," from commissioning to performing at the premiere. She files this report..

Alfan helps make Zabur history

The success of "Zabur" was due in part to CIC's own Alfan Ghanim, who served as the ISC's Arabic pronunciation coach.

Kyle Long interviews Yuval Ron

There aren't many musicians who can list a command performance for the Dalai Lama in their bio, but Israeli musician Yuval Ron can and does. It's a strong testament to Ron's claim that his interfaith music ensemble is building bridges of peace between followers of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Yuval Ron on the power of story-telling with music

World music artist Yuval Ron tells a mystical story and plays his oud in the closing session of TEDxConejo ... hear him in Indy January 22.

Rita Kohn — “Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s Islam-inspired oratorio”

The art world is abuzz with anticipation for what’s happening in  Indianapolis in April 2015. Stand by to learn more about how the Center for Interfaith Cooperation plans to help use the world premiere