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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Friends of the Festival of Faiths — View “Singh” with Gurinder Singh

The film is based on the true story of Singh, a Sikh, when he detained in 2007 at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York after he refused to unwrap his turban for TSA agents.

Governor Holcomb honors Hoosier Sikhs with historic proclamation

"Whether he's a Sikh or not. Be part of the community where you live. And be good, loyal, trusted partner," said Singh.

May Sikhs (and everyone else) have a Blessed Baisakhi

Our Brother KP Singh contributes this note about Sikh holy day Baisakhi (or Vaisakhi).

“April, 2019 declared as National Sikh Heritage Month in Indiana”

CIC board members Chirjeev Kaur Oberoi and Maninder Walia and emeritus board member KP Singh helped the governor to declare April as Sikh National Heritage Month. Congratulations!

Rev. Jerry Zehr calls to focus on ideas that unite us

CIC emeritus board member KP Singh reports on the visit to the Sikh Satsang of Rev. Jerry Zehh, founder of Carmel Interfaith Alliance

Images from the Sacred Spaces tour of the Sikh Satsang

On March 10th the Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis hosted a Sacred Spaces tour. CIC's Niloofar Asgari remarked on several noteworthy aspects of the tour: the people, the space, the music, the food.

CIC board member Chirjeev Kaur Oberoi

Chirjeev says interfaith is important because it provides a platform which gives the individuals an opportunity to deepen understanding of other faiths and traditions, sensitively appreciate other faiths, and build bridges so that each of us can uplift ourselves and the humanity as a whole.

Catholics offer ‘dialogue’ and ‘connecting point’ during Festival of Faiths in Indianapolis

Natalie Hoefer discusses what Catholics seek to achieve with interfaith and ecumenical engagement.

Festival celebrates faiths, cultures that enrich Central Indiana

KP Singh reflects on the true meaning of the Indy Festival of Faiths

“Sacred Journeys” at the Children’s Museum — Enriching, rewarding, and educational

CIC board member KP Singh reports on the "Sacred Journeys" exhibit at the Children's Museum (Indy Festival of Faith's partner). KP says: Go!

We’ve got weddings at the Indy Festival of Faiths

The these of this year's Indy Festival of Faiths is marriage ... you can see how three different cultures celebrates weddings.

2 Indy faith events foster humanitarian spirit

"An amazing opportunity for families, where visitors will be taken on cherished and undreamed-of sacred journeys without leaving town."

Indy celebrates 3rd Festival of Faiths

This beautiful day of celebration will showcase the diversity of our city in one of the best and most holy ways. It is a day that epitomizes what we want Indy to be and what today Indy is.

A great partnership!

August 29: Be part of the opening of National Geographic Sacred Journeys at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. August 30: Take part in the third annual Indy Festival of Faiths at Veterans Memorial Plaza downtown from 1–5 p.m.

” Festival of Faiths can teach you more about your own faith”

Nathan Day Wilson, pastor at the First Christian Church in Shelbyville, contributed this article to the Indianapolis Star Sunday, August 9.

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