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Soulaf Abas on the Syrian refugee crisis

Syrian artist Soulaf Abas spoke at the Indiana Interchurch Center April 22. Unfortunately her excellent talk was not videotaped. Fortunately an earlier talk was taped.

Tales from the Syrian refugee friendship feast

February 28th — The crowd was remarkably diverse, ranging in ages from kids to seniors. Many Syrian-Hoosiers who worship at Al Huda Foundation joined the feast, as did students from SPEA at IUPUI and Butler. SPEA students share the experience.

Soulaf Abas on the Syrian refugee crisis

April 22nd — Syrian artist Soulaf Abas was part of the Syrian refugee friendship feast organized by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation in February. She comes back to explore how we can help find solutions.

A friendship feast for Syrian refugees

Even more than simply welcoming the three families of refugees, the feast was an invitation to all of us in Central Indiana to get involved with the Refugee Support Initiative in order to help these families