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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Art Farnsley visits the 2014 Festival of Faiths … and likes it!

Said Prof. Farnsley: “OK, so this was mostly the ‘Festival of Non-Protestant White People Faiths.’ I had fun.”
Monks who chanted on stage before Sikh kids came up to sing. Nice photo op with Sikh guy with especially nice sword.
OK, you can guess whose booth this is.
Mormon booth. They didn’t have a lot of traffic but, then, they deliver to your door.
Kids from the gurdwara getting ready to perform.
Crowd (both Sikhs and some non-Sikhs with turbans) watching the gurdwara’s teens perform.
They had 50-70 people from their gurdwara. In a genius move, they tied turbans on the heads of anyone who let them, which makes a very forceful point about who Sikhs are. My friend Sukhi goes to this gurdwara and Gail and I have visited.