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Festival of Faiths Authors’ Fest

At the 2018 Indy Festival of Faiths, People could meet some of the city’s top writers and discuss their sources of inspiration. Some of the writers included …

Tessie Sears. Tessie is the author of:
The Art of Becoming One, which explores some key ingredients necessary to become one with your spouse. It discusses such challenges as communication, leaving and cleaving and submission. It shares personal testimonies of both marital struggle and overcoming such struggle;
365 Days of Thanksgiving: A Spiritual Journey toward Thankfulness, a peek into her journey toward thankfulness. “After going through a season of darkness, I challenged myself to find something to be thankful for daily. During this process, there were days I struggled and other days my heart was overwhelmed with gratefulness. I now live a life of intentional thanksgiving because I know that even on my worst day, there is a reason to be thankful. 365 Days of Thanksgiving is more than just a devotional; it’s a movement. It is my prayer that this movement blesses you, as much as it has me. Will you take the journey toward thankfulness?”

Author Charlotte L. Jenkins, is the owner of 31 Woman LLC. She is also Co-founder of the Dayton Book Expo and a freelance writer for Jo Magazine. In her spare time, Charlotte loves spending quality time with her family and holding spa parties for BeautiControl and Heaven Essence as a skin care consultant. Through her journey as a business owner, Mrs. Brown found her ministry in the literary world. She debuted in Vanessa Miller’s Anthology called “Have a Little Faith” as a contributing writer. She is currently writing her first novel entitled “When The Power Goes Out”.

Sher’ron Mason is a marriage and family therapist. She is the author of Marriage Ain’t for Punks: “You desire a great marriage. You’ve prayed for it. You’ve cried about it. You’ve begged for it. But, are you willing to work for it? Marriage Ain’t for Punks will help you to examine your mess (your relationship-repellent attitudes, behaviors and characteristics) and give you practical steps to become the YOU that you’d want to come home to…
Marriage Ain’t for Punks will help you to honestly examine your relationship-repellent attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics while giving you the tools to address your deepest, darkest mess. The author, Shar’ron Mason, adds just enough honey, through humor, enabling you to swallow and digest your reality while continuing to come back for more. Whether you’re single and open to marriage someday, married and motivated to become the YOU that you’d want to come home to, or divorced and determined for a different outcome, Marriage Ain’t for Punks has some rich nuggets to help you to build from where you’re at.”

Rev. Delores Thornton is the force driving the Festival of Faiths Authors Fest (as well as the Spirituality and the Arts exhibit and the spoken words artist performances. Says Amazon:
“Delores Thornton, an Indianapolis native, is a licensed ordained minister. She is currently pursuing a Master of Theology degree at Christian Theological Seminary at Indianapolis. Airing Dirty Linen is her sixth literary offering, although she has published several authors through her company, Marguerite Press. Dubbed the “Queen of Promotion” by C&B Books of New York, she has traveled extensively promoting her works. Additionally, she has hosted local as well as Internet radio shows; written for magazines and newspapers and co-founded the 1st Indianapolis Book Fest in 2004. She is currently a columnist with AMPS Magazine. Thornton is working on an upcoming Christian nonfiction book titled, “Solomon’s Porch.”