Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Indy Star’s images of the 2014 Festival of Faiths

Thanks to Robert Scheer of the Star for the photos.
Beads for sale in a Tibetan Buddhist booth at the Festival of Faiths, on veteran memorial plaza
Tibetan Buddhists walk in a parade past vendor booths in the Festival of Faiths
Chirjeev Oberoi, Indianapolis, a member of the Sikh community [and future CIC board member], photographs a parade at the Festival of Faiths
A drum circle lead by Bongo Boy Music School
Priya Kheradia (left), Indianapolis, chats with [chair of the 2019 Festival of Faiths] Sonal Sanghani (middle), Carmel, and her mother-in-law Pravina Sanghani, Carmel, at the Festival of Faiths
Participants in the day’s Festival of Faiths, gather during closing ceremonies 
Several of the few hundred participants in the closing circle at the Festival of Faiths, read a pledge acknowledging the benefit of many faiths and religious traditions
Rev. Matugama Mahanama Thero (left), Hoagland, IN, hands a camera to friend Bruce Allen, Ft. Wayne, at the Festival of Faiths
Lisa Beale, a teacher at Bongo Boy Music School in Indianapolis, directs a drum circle as part of the Festival of Faiths