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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

The 2013 Inaugural Festival of Faiths

The first Indy Festival of Faiths on October 13, 2013, was a huge success. It set a model for all Festivals that have followed.

Sunday, October 13, 2013, at Veterans Memorial Plaza downtown … it was a very special event for Central Indiana. More than a thousand people attended the very first Indy Festival of Faiths. It set a high bar for future Festivals to meet. It also set a pattern for later Festivals to follow … with constant innovations to make it even better.

It began with what is now tradition at Festivals: Bongo Boys percussion school brought a hundred drums for a mass drumming circle.

As CIC executive director Charlie Wiles observes, the sound of a mother’s drumming heart is the first thing an unborn baby hears.

While the drumming circle drew the crowd together, groups of religious leaders and their congregations gathered at the back of the Plaza for what has become another tradition: the Procession of Faiths.

The Procession of Faiths wound its way through the Festival grounds, drawing people to the Sacred Arts Stage, where a blowing of a shofar by Rabbi Dennis Sasso kicked off the Inaugural Indy Festival of Faiths.

You can expect a big change in the Procession of Faiths in the 2019 Festival. Stand by for exciting details!

A very diverse group of religious leaders provided greeting and blessings from the stage.

The Sacred Arts Stage featured one of the diverse set of musical and dance performances ever seen in Veterans Memorial Plaza.

There were plenty of activities for everyone at the Festival.

Best of was a chance to meet, talk with, and learn from religious traditions many participants did not know existed.

By the end of the Festival, participants could only kick up their heels and dance to celebrate Indy’s splendid first Festival of Faiths.