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CIC Team

Charlie Wiles — Executive Director

Charlie Wiles

For me, authentic interfaith engagement affirms my faith in humanity. If we approach interfaith community building with curiosity and humility, it can be transformative. I believe that it is an essential tool to help overcome many of the challenges we face in the modern era. It is also fun and very enriching!

Allison Bishop — Administrative Assistant

Allison Bishop

Pronouns – She/Her/Hers

I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I completed my undergraduate degree in history from Ohio University. I am a Literacy AmeriCorps alumnus and served two years in the AmeriCorps with Project READ in Dayton, Ohio.  I recently worked as the Outreach Coordinator for accessABILITY, Center for Independent Living, a disability advocacy organization in Indianapolis.

Abbygail Parker — AmeriCorps Program Director

Abbygail Parker

My name is Abbygail Parker. I am the program director for the AmeriCorps program, the Interfaith Enrichment Corps at the Center for Interfaith Cooperation. While I have only been organizing the program for a few short months, I have truly enjoyed coming back to the CIC prior to my own AmeriCorps VISTA engagement a couple of years ago!

Robin Thompson — Interfaith Enrichment Corps member

Robin Thompson

I believe that faith is the language of the soul. Through interfaith work, we can connect with our community at the deepest level in order to bring about social change. This is why I believe in the Center for Interfaith Cooperation and the Interfaith Enrichment Corps. I am focusing on the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health.

Heidi Oates — Interfaith Enrichment Corps member

Heidi Oates

Hi! My name is Heidi. My CIC/Americorps site is Martin University. My role as a Project Director is to help bridge gaps between available resource providers such as Community Health Network and populations needing those resources. 

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