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“I’d ride a horse to vote for the Indy Festival of Faiths”

You have only a few more days to vote for the Festival of Faiths to be named “The Best Festival or Art Show in Indianapolis.” If you haven’t voted yet, get on your horse and ride to the nearest polling place (your computer or other devices).
The theme of the 2015 Indy Festivals of Faiths was “Weddings.” Apparently, the Sikhs believe you can’t have a wedding without the groom on a horse

Vote for the Indy Festival of Faiths as the “Best in Indianapolis”!
The Indianapolis Star is calling for votes for their “Best Things in Indianapolis” list. Nominations were submitted by some 175,000 voters, nominating more than 19,000 businesses, people, and events. More than 200 nominations were submitted for “Best Festival or Art Show” … and the Indy Festival of Faiths made the nominating cut by finishing in the top 11!

Learn what you have to do to vote here.

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