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On #GivingTuesday, support the Indy Festival of Faiths

Indy Festival of Faiths is the biggest one-day celebration of religious diversity in the Midwest. We want to make sure all groups who want to participate can. You can help.
A donation of $75 will pay for registration at the Indy Festival of Faiths for a small organization unable to afford the exhibitor’s fee.

You may have attended previous Indy Festivals of Faiths. They’re great, aren’t they? So many groups, such interesting conversations, and what a happy vibe in the people attending.

CIC wants to make this year’s Festival even better. There are many very important and special groups that would like to exhibit at the Festival, but can’t afford the registration fee.

Take for instance the Bloomington-based Campaign for Uyghurs. Too few Americans know that today’s great use of religious persecution is directed against the Muslim, Turkic Uyghurs who live in Central Asia. Two million Uyghurs are now in concentration camps, where the Chinese government says it will “drive the Islam from their brains.”

One of the important groups advocating for Uyghur culture and rights is Campaign for Uyghurs. The problem for a small volunteer-based organization driving up from Bloomington: it’s costly. CIC comped the Campaign for Uyghurs, and we glad we did. Their display at this year’s Festival was one of the most popular. Their performance of Uyghur music and dance was unique.

In the next Festival on September 13, we would like to be able to make possible the participation of many groups like the Campaign for Uyghurs. We would like to offer more “scholarships” to groups too small to afford the registration fee.

But we’ll need your help.

A $75 donation will pay the registration for a small congregation or organization at the Indy Festival of Faiths September 13.

Thank you for your support of CIC and the Indy Festival of Faiths!

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