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Thank you to Lynn Jackson, the world’s greatest sponsor!

Since CIC was established, Lynn Jackson has been one of our best friends. That was even before she went above and beyond the call of duty as a sponsor for the 2020 Interfaith Banquet.
Lynn Jackson with friends

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation would like to thank our good friend Lynn Jackson for being a Gold Level Sponsor for the Sixth Annual Interfaith Banquet on March 8. Lynn has a passion for inter-religious friendship unmatched by anyone else. She is a kindred soul with 2020’s Interfaith Ambassador of the Year Betty Brandt.

Lynn went beyond donating money for the Banquet. She sent letters to sixty of her closest friends asking them to join her as sponsors. Now that’s being a great supporter!

Wouldn’t you like to be one of Lynn Jackson’s closest friends? You can be when you sponsor the 2020 Interfaith Banquet on March 8.

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