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Planning a 2020 Indiana Interfaith Celebration

On December 5, a historic gathering of 49 Faith Leaders representing Interfaith groups from around the state began planning a 2020 Indiana Interfaith Celebration. Representatives from the Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, and Bahai faiths were represented.

As you can imagine, CIC was well represented at the gathering at the Indiana Interchurch Center. KP Singh files this report:

Faith leaders of several major faiths and representatives of faith-based organizations from across the State of Indiana met at the Indiana Interchurch Center in Indianapolis to discuss plans for an Indiana Interfaith Celebration in the Spring or Fall of 2020. The meeting was organized by Rev. Jerry Zehr at the request of Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb, and Mr. Andrew Forrester as Liaison for the Governor was present at this historic meeting.

As each of the 48 representatives introduced themselves, it was reassuring to see how many interfaith and faith-based groups are already working in the Indiana cities and Indiana colleges on a diversity of areas. Not too long ago, there was an Office of Indiana Faith-Based Initiatives at the Indiana Statehouse that was engaged in efforts to tap into the vast reach and resources of the religious institutions and organizations to assist in various challenges faced by the Hoosiers.

We need to learn about and celebrate the common ground and unifying spirit that connects our faiths and our humanity at its very core.

Today in Indiana, we see many interfaith activities: Faith celebrations and prayer services; active involvement in hunger problems and disaster relief efforts; learning opportunities: Faith Learning Initiatives, “Know your Neighbor” series, Interfaith Youth Groups, Center for Faith & Vocations, Sacred Places Tours, Indy Festival of Faiths, and others. Many joint and shared high holy day celebrations, efforts to end hate crimes and discrimination against faith communities. This latest effort may lead to an umbrella organization that keeps track and facilitate this emerging and exciting renaissance: FAITHS WORKING TOGETHER TO SERVE INDIANA. ~ KP Singh – Indianapolis, Indiana USA – December 4, 2019.

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