Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Invite your friends to order tickets for the Interfaith Banquet

Let's assume you've ordered your Banquet tickets (or better yet, have chosen to be a sponsor). Now you want to give your friends a chance to share the experience. How best to invite them to this opportunity?

Tickets are on sale for the Sixth Annual Interfaith Banquet

March 8 — All five of poast Annual Interfaith Banquets have sold out. Don't be left out of the celebration — order your tickets now.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human Trafficking Awareness Day was implemented to raise awareness among Americans that human trafficking does not just happen in other countries, but in states and communities across the United States – a fact some still struggle to recognize.

Happy Mahayana New Year

January 10th — In countries where Mahayana Buddhism is the most dominant religion, January is the month of celebration.

Join Sikhs in celebrating the birth of Guru Gobindh Singh

Sikhs are celebrating the birth anniversary of the tenth Guru, Gobindh Singh, spiritual master, warrior, poet, and philosopher.

National Pledge of Allegiance Day, a controversial celebration of Civil Religion

December 28th is National Pledge of Allegiance Day. The Pledge has long been controversial. Embrace and discuss the controversy.

A celebration of John the Apostle and Evangelist … the Saint who walks among us today?

On December 27th, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Luthers celebrate the feast day of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist. (Orthodox Christians celebrate the day on September 26th. John was one of the most important figures in the New Testament and the early days of the Church.

Wishing our Zoroastrian friends a blessed Zarthost No-Diso

December 26th — Zartosht no-disois an important day of remembrance in the Zoroastrian religion. It is a commemoration of the death anniversary of the prophet Zoroaster.

“For Holocaust survivors, Hanukkah marks time to celebrate outside the shadows”

Some guests shared memories of Hanukkahs past with an IndyStar reporter. They recounted years of deprivation, war and life as Jews in a country in which they could not freely practice their religion.

Taizé service on Christmas Eve

While Christmas is for most Christians (and non-Christians) in the US a time of familiar family rituals, you can also use the Holy Day for new experiences. A Taizé service could be for you as well as non-Christian friends who'd like to attend.

Appreciate Solstice (with religious traditions that may not be celebrating in Indy)

December 21 — Winter Solstice is an important moment for many religious traditions. The night is longest and the hours of daylight start to get longer. It's a balance of Light and Dark, with Light winning.

Have a Cheerful Maunajiyara

December 19 is the Jain celebration of Maunajiyara. Don't expect your Jain friends to be partying today. Maunajiyara is a quiet day in the Jain religion, a day of fasting, silence, and meditation.

How to commemorate International Migrants Day in Indy?

The observance of International Migrants Day this year focuses on the stories of social cohesion, as varied and unique as each of the 272 million migrants building new communities in every corner of the globe. How should we commemorate the Day here in Indy?

Consider National Bill of Rights Day

December 15th — It should be one of the great days of American Civil Religion, but the National Bill of Rights Day is often forgotten. Let's consider where we'd be without the Bill of Rights.

Explore Indy’s German heritage with local Christkindlmarkts

Christkindlmarkts have been around Germany for more than half a century. Some in the US are several decades old. But according to USA Today's travel experts, the best in this country is one of the newest: Carmel's Christkindlmarkt.

YouTube Jesuit superstars autocomplete: What is Advent?

Is chocolate religious? How is advent related to Christmas? Fr. Eric Sundrup, S.J., and Fr. Paddy Gilger, S.J., answer some of the internet's most searched questions about Advent.