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What do priests do during quarantine? | Jesuit Autocomplete

How can I practice my faith during quarantine? Do I have to like the people I'm quarantined with? Paddy Gilger, S.J., and Eric Sundrup, S.J., are back with a special quarantine edition of "Jesuit Autocomplete," answering some of the Internet's most-searched questions about faith in a time of coronavirus.

Deaths of Despair and the Role of Religion

Religious community associated with fewer deaths from suicide, drug, and alcohol

“Has Religion Surged During COVID-19 Pandemic?”

What has been the experience of you and the people you know during the crisis? Has religion become more or less significant? What is likely to be long term changes in beliefs and practices?

“As American Muslims fast this Ramadan, maybe the rest of America should consider joining in”

Imam Omar Suleiman is the founder and president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and an Islamic studies professor at Southern Methodist University.

“COVID-19 forces changes to typical Ramadan celebrations”

“It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to be hard. But you know people are going to make do with it. They are going to have virtual events,” said Fatima Hussain with the Muslim Alliance of Indiana.

“Ramadan Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown. Stay Home. Save Lives”

This week as the nearly two billion strong Muslim community across the world gears to embrace the blessed and highly anticipated month of fasting, many grapple with mixed emotions as they respectfully embrace curtailed rituals.

Pandemic Prayerbook

Indianapolis-based ServLife is a nonprofit that plants churches, protects vulnerable children, and fights poverty in Nepal. ServLife director Adam Nevins recommends a free downloadable Pandemic Prayerbook.

“A month into social distancing, some Arizona religious communities blossom at home as others struggle”

The Arizona Republic reached out to nearly a dozen houses of worship across the Valley. Those who responded discussed their decision-making during the outbreak and offered insight into how their congregations have responded to the rapid pivot to virtual worship.

“The Loneliest Holy Week Ever”

Christians explore how to follow Jesus’ example while stuck in their homes.

“The Coronavirus Is Forcing Religious Communities Apart. Can Technology Hold Them Together?”

Around the nation, houses of worship have largely (though not wholly) closed their doors, afraid of spreading the deadly coronavirus. Yet in the middle of the crises, religiosity skyrockets — and this one is no exception.

“Hindered By A Pandemic, Religious Leaders Prepare For Holidays”

As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies across the country, many churches, synagogues, temples and mosques are temporarily shutting their doors to all public services.

“‘It’s Like a Lifeline.’ How Religious Leaders Are Helping People Stay Connected in a Time of Isolation”

To help defeat the virus, they need to show “a different kind of strength.”

ICMH events being postponed

This comes from ICMH coordinator Abbygail Parker:

Thanks to the Lilly Endowment for supporting CIC’s Summer Youth Camp

For years, one of CIC’s favorite programs has been its Summer Youth Camp. For two weeks at the end of July, twenty kids have their days packed with intercultural fun, exploration, and education. Thanks to the Lilly Endowment for providing funds for Camp in 2020.

Report on the first neighborhood cluster program at Fairview

We strive to bring mental-healthcare-providers and faith leaders together in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood for monthly trainings and discussions relevant to community members in the area

The Interfaith MLK Day Celebration

January 20th — CIC partnered with the Indiana Christian Leadership Conference & Nur-Allah on celebrative MLK interfaith-style