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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Indy Festival of Faiths: An open-air interfaith cathedral to our common humanity

KP Singh offers his view of what the Indy Festival of Faiths means.

Community Youth Forum at the Indy Festival of Faiths

The Niagara Foundation organized a Community Youth Forum in the Indiana War Memorial at the 2019 Indy Festival of Faiths. More than fifty young people (of all ages) participated.

Prelude to the Indy Festival of Faiths … The Drumming Circle

It's one of the traditions at the Indy Festival of Faiths: The Drumming Circle. Bongo Boy Music School brings a hundred percussion instruments and an enormous amount of energy.

Sights of the 2019 Indy Festival of Faiths

Our thanks to Rebecca Holloway for putting together her photos from the Indy Festival of Faiths on September 22. And our thanks to all of the fantastic visitors and exhibitors!

One last check of details for the Festival …

Members of the Steering Committee met the last time Tuesday, September 17, to make sure everything is in order. They are, thanks to these great people!

Look who’ll be on the Sacred Arts Stage of the Festival of Faiths

It's the most diverse and electric performance stage you'll find in Indy. Three and a half hours of song, spoken word, and dance from old and young, a dozen countries, and as many religious traditions.

What’s happening at the Indy Festival of Faiths? Community Youth Forum

One of the most popular events of recent years is back: The Community Youth Forum. Youth from many religious traditions will gather to discuss the most important questions we face, and how we should address them.

Who’ll be at the Indy Festival of Faiths? Mid-North Shepherd’s Center

For the first time, the Mid-North Shepherd's Center will be at the Indy Festival of Faiths. The Shepherd's Center is a warm and welcoming community of active, interested and interesting older adults.

Muslims invite Indianapolis to annual interfaith event

2019 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year Imam Michael "Mikal" Saahir explains why the Indy Festival of Faiths on September 22 is important to everyone.

Who’ll be at the Festival? The Community for Contemplation and Justice

A mainstay of the Indy Festival of Faiths has been St. Luke's United Methodist Church's Spiritual Life Center. They won't be at 2019 Festival ... because they the Spiritual Life Center has recast itself as the Community for Contemplation and Justice.

Please use the Indy Festival of Faiths Social Media Toolkit

Want to feel like a thoroughly empowered social media superstar? Use this simple kit, and remember: #indyembraces, #indyCIC, and #indyCIC

The Indy Spiritual Trail leads a meditative pilgrimage downtown

The Interchurch Center is the starting point for one of Indianapolis’s hidden treasures, the Indy Spiritual Trail.

Join the Procession of Faiths … but what’s a procession?

At the Indy Festival of Faiths — After Bongo Boy's Drumming Circle draws the crowd together, a Procession of Faiths brings everyone to the Sacred Arts Stage to kick off the Festival formally. But what's a Procession anyway?

Who’s connecting the nuts to the bolts for the Indy Festival of Faiths? The steering committee

Festivals of Faiths don't organize themselves. Without this group of committed and dedicated volunteers, the coming of the Festival on September 22 might be bleak.

Look who’ll be back at the Festival of Faiths — “Indiana Sisters Making a Difference”!

One of the most popular booths at the 2018 Indy Festival of Faiths was "Indiana Sisters Making a Difference." Sisters Anitha and Vani Sharma provided henna artistry in order to raise funds for an orphanage. They're going to be back, with "Glitter Jars for the Stars"

Who’ll be at the Festival of Faiths? The Hindu Temple of Central Indiana, that’s who

The Hindu Community has been part of the Indy Festival of Faiths since the beginning. How can you get to know our Hindu neighbors better, before and after the Festival?