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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

ICMH luncheon — Pet Therapy

Also known as animal-assisted therapy, pet therapy interactions are used to help improve patients' mental, social, emotional, and physical functions. Learn more at the final Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health Luncheon of the spring.

ICMH luncheon — Violence in the Indianapolis Community

Indianapolis is now one of the most violent cities in the country? Why? How are local religious groups working to stop the violence in our community?

ICMH luncheon — Eating disorders

Most people know that eating disorders are egalitarian: they can afflict anyone, regardless of ethnicity, income, sec, country, or religion. How many know how religion could be linked to eating disorders. Food is essential to most religions, whether it's forbidden or blessed, whether there's feasting or fasting. Attend this Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health luncheon to learn how religious groups are helping those suffer recover 

Narcan training: ICMH Neighborhood Cluster Program for Butler-Tarkington area

Learn how to support your community with resources that are already available, and share resources with your neighbors so they can benefit from them

Report on ICMH luncheon about domestic violence

January 15thth — an excellent luncheon about #domesticviolence. Ashley Powell at Domestic Violence Network (DVN) was engaging, knowledgeable and very helpful.

ICMH lunch — The Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Indiana has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the US. Learn why, and what we can do about the terrible trauma at the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health's first luncheon of 2020

Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health (ICMH)

The Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health (ICMH) is a partnership between the Center for Interfaith Cooperation and the National Alliance on Mental Illness — Indiana. Its mission is to empower faith leaders to improve the lives of people and families affected by mental health conditions.

Discuss the Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Indiana has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the US. The presenter will be Ashley Powell from Domestic Violence Network.

CIC in 2020

We prefer to look ahead to next year rather than patting ourselves on the back for the past year. What can you expect from CIC in 2020?

Jarrid Wilson’s legacy of hope for mental health

On September 6th, megachurch pastor Jarrid Wilson ended his life. Wilson and his wife Juli had set up Anthem of Hope, a nonprofit to help Christians (and others) struggling with depression. His fellow clergy members continue to wrestle with what this means.

“Voices of Resilience: Immigrant Stories”

Nov. 20th — Americorps member Elsa Kunz is hosted at Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors. She files this report on an event about immigrants and the challrngrd thry face.

The ICMH spring lineup has been announced

It's a great line-up of discussions, every third Wednesday at noon. All take place in Krannert Hall of the Indiana Interchurch Center (1100 W. 42nd St.)

Last chance to RSVP for “Voices of Resilience: Stories of Immigration”

Nov. 20th — What a great dinner and discussion the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition has put together. RSVP now so you can get some of the tasty Yats food.

Who you’ll meet at “Voices of Resilience: Stories of Immigration”

Nov. 20th — You'll meet Harlon and Enrique, members of our community, are facing the real threat of deportation, even though they are married.

Voices of Resilience: Stories of Immigration

Nov. 20th — Hear stories from our immigrant neighbors about the intersectionality of youth, mental health, faith, and being an immigrant.

The Struggle Is Real: Youth Talking to Faith Leaders

Oct. 16th — Pairs of youth and clergy will model healthy, productive conversations about mental health. Youth will ask faith leaders questions, and faith leaders will model how to be a safe space for these kinds of conversations.