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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

“Local doctors assist Rohingya people in crisis in Bangladesh as alleged genocide case moves forward”

Physicians and advocates in Indiana are stepping in to help the devastated Rohingya people who are taking refuge at a mega camp in Bangladesh in southeast Asia.

How to commemorate International Migrants Day in Indy?

The observance of International Migrants Day this year focuses on the stories of social cohesion, as varied and unique as each of the 272 million migrants building new communities in every corner of the globe. How should we commemorate the Day here in Indy?

21st Annual State of Indiana Holocaust Remembrance Program

This year’s program will coincide with Kristallnacht, which will provide an important opportunity to raise awareness for this catalytic event

World Humanitarian Day — Celebrate Hoosiers transforming the world

The United Nations' World Humanitarian Day on August 19 honors all humanitarians who have worked in the promotion of the humanitarian cause and those who have lost their lives in the cause of duty. We'd like to honor a few Hoosier humanitarian heroes.

Qurbani for the forgotten in Bangladesh

Our good friend Saima Hassan of OBAT Helpers tells us about Eid ul-Adha, one of the important Muslim holidays that’s coming up. You don’t have to be Muslim to participate in the spirit of Eid.

OBAT iftar for Rohingya Refugees: The power of interfaith engagement

May 25th saw a powerful display of interfaith service, when Muslim, Jewish and interfaith organizations joined together for a fundraising iftar for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Images from the Interfaith Iftar for Rohingya Refugees

It was perhaps the finest interfaith iftar anyone had experienced, thanks to partners in the Jewish and Muslim communities.

What to expect at the interfaith iftar for Rohingya refugees May 25

Expect celebrities, journalists, on-the-ground humanitarian workers, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and more.

Kristin Wright with OBAT Helpers in Bangladesh

Human rights and religious freedom advocate Kristin Wright reports from OBAT Helpers' projects in the Urdu-speakers camp in Bangladesh

Action Corps at the OBAT Iftar for the Rohingya

One of the main causes of Action Corps, a grassroots advocacy group against social injustice, is the Rohingya refugees stranded in Bangladesh.

Ramadan, iftars, and OBAT Helpers

Good friend of CIC Saima Hassan explains the significance of compassion and Ramadan, and invites all of to join OBAT Helpers' iftars.

Four reasons to attend the interfaith iftar for humanity

May 25th — If you attend one community iftar this Ramadan, this should be it.