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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Ian McIntosh has an important new book

Ian McIntosh has a new book coming out that highlights “the potential of religious tourism and pilgrimage for promoting interfaith solidarity, natural dialogue, and inner peace.”

Indianapolis Spiritual Trail

Ian Mcintosh, the creator of the Indianapolis Spiritual Trail, was very active at the 2019 Indy Festival of Faiths: he helped shape the Procession of Faiths and provided guidance on the Labyrinth. Ian explains what the Spiritual Trail is.

“Forest Bathing” along the Indy Spiritual Trail

Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing was developed in Japan during the 1980s and is said to have become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

The Indy Spiritual Trail leads a meditative pilgrimage downtown

The Interchurch Center is the starting point for one of Indianapolis’s hidden treasures, the Indy Spiritual Trail.

Qigong Walk on the Spiritual Trail

July 27th — A big thank you to Jim Duncan for leading the very inspiring (and calming) Qigong Walk this morning!

St. James the Apostle Feast Day (how to celebrate it in Indy)

Prof. Ian McIntosh is one of the world's experts on pilgrimages and the creator of the Indy Spiritual Trail. That means he knows a lot about St. James.

Camaraderie on the Spiritual Trail

Prof. Ian McIntosh files this report on the latest walk along the Indy Spiritual Trail

Report on the Spiritual Trail and Laments

Jesse Kharbanda and Ian McIntosh tell us about May 18's hike.

Laments and the Indy Spiritual Trail

Saturday May 18. At 9:00 am join pilgrimage maven Ian McIntosh for a walk along the Indianapolis Spiritual Trail to the Park of Laments.

The Indy Spiritual Trail may not be Camino, but it’s still great

Unitarians, IVY Tech international students, and enthusiasts of Camino de Santiago came together April 27th to walk and talk the Spiritual Trail.

It’s time to walk the Indy Spiritual Trail

April 27th -- Walk the Indianapolis Spiritual Trail with guides Ian Mcintosh and Jim Duncan. The walk will bring together a range of people from various congregations, including UUI, and international students from IUPUI.

Five reasons to join the Spiritual Trail discussion of gratitude

While this spiritual walk does not guarantee you will enjoy all the following benefits overnight, you will learn some basic skills to reflect upon and record what you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude helps with ...