Summer Youth Camp

No doubt about it, the Summer Youth Camp run by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, the Peace Center for Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and the Watch Club is one of the coolest experiences kids 6-13 years old can have. 

  • Going fishing
  • Learning to play golf
  • Cooking snacks from many cultures
  • Learning simple greetings in Spanish, Arabic, Burmese, and Hebrew
  • Visiting the State Museum, the Children’s Museum, Black Expo, and the 100 Acre Park
  • Going swimming
  • Labyrinth races

The Camp has always sought to share these experiences with kids from low-income families that might not normally be able to afford to provide their children with these sorts of activities.

This past Camp, CIC partnered with the Peace Center for Reconciliation and Forgiveness to bring to Camp students whose families fled Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo as refugees. These newcomer campers enriched the experiences of everyone. Friendships between youth formed in the summer continue to flourish today.